You Can Now Sue for Blockchain in the UK: Here’s What You Should Know

Businessman using a computer to Blockchain technology concept with a chain of encrypted blocks to secure cryptocurrencies and bitcoin for online payments and money transaction

The United Kingdom has recently made a major move for the blockchain industry – in Britain, you can now use blockchain to sue. A U.K. court granted a firm permission last month to serve legal proceedings on an anonymous individual via a non-fungible token (NFT) airdrop sent to the individual’s crypto wallet.

This ruling comes after Fabrizio D’Aloia, founder of an online gambling company, sued cryptocurrency exchange Binance Holdings and other platforms. D’Aloia filed this lawsuit after his crypto assets were cloned on the brokerages. Service will now take place by airdropping the lawsuit documents via NFT into two wallets that were originally used by D’Aloia and stolen by the fraudsters.

David Szalyga, Corporate Associate at Warren Law Group states, “the jury is still out on whether service via NFTs will one day become commonly accepted by courts, but this ruling is certainly indicative of a positive trend that will enable defrauded investors to go after anonymous criminals.  As blockchain technologies further develop, in coming years, we will likely see greater acceptance by courts for novel alternative methods of digital service.”   

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