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Construction Litigation

Real estate development in New York City and State takes place within a complex framework of common law rights and federal, state, and local statutory regimes. As your attorney, Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC will provide its experience, acumen, and resources to help you navigate the process and enforce your rights.

The most efficient way to resolve construction disputes is to take measures to avoid them in the first place. Contract disputes between owners and contractors may be avoided with diligent construction contract review and construction contract negotiation, taking into account such common sources of contention as provisions for the timing of payments, delay claims, insurance claims, home improvement regulations, mediation or arbitration requirements and procedures for contract default and termination. Similarly, Subcontractor disputes may be avoided with diligent subcontract negotiation, taking into account such common sources of contention as the provisions of change orders, timing of payments, labor law regulations, substantial completion and final completion, and the resolution and/or discharge of mechanic’s liens. The attorneys at Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC have experience representing clients in a preventative manner, including, but not limited to:

  • Negotiation of Contracts, for both Owners and Contractors
  • Negotiation of Home Improvement Contracts
  • Project Abandonment or Termination During a Project
  • Delay and Acceleration During a Project
  • Mediation and Expedited Arbitration
  • RPAPL 881 License Agreements for Access to Adjoining Properties


Disputes may arise during a construction project and the attorneys at Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC are well met to advocate for clients in litigation and/or arbitration while keeping an eye on not only the goals of the client but the resources available to achieve them. The attorneys at Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC have experience advocating for clients in federal and state courts, tribunals before administrative agencies, and arbitrations on a multitude of matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Foreclosure of Mechanic’s Liens
  • Contract Balance and Change Order Claims
  • Lien Law Trust Fund Diversion Claims
  • Judgment Enforcement
  • Property Damage Claims
  • Breach of Contract or Warranty Claims


We fight hard for you so that you can focus your hard work where it belongs – on your business. To learn more about this, contact our skilled construction lawyers at Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC (866) 954-7687 to schedule a consultation.

Real Estate Development

Whether you are a buyer or seller of residential property, a commercial real estate developer, an investor, or a business owner in need of a site for your enterprise, engaging in successful transactions depends on having the advice and guidance of the knowledgeable real estate attorneys at the Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC. By collaborating with a respected network of real estate professionals, including developers, realtors, title agencies and lenders, Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC attorneys work diligently to ensure that real estate transactions are handled professionally and expediently.


The attorneys at Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC have extensive experience representing real estate developers, tax-exempt organizations, and other investors in the acquisition, development, and sale of real estate and real estate financing. We advise our clients on transactions ranging from single-asset deals to multi-jurisdictional portfolio acquisitions involving virtually all asset classes, including industrial, multifamily, retail, office, hospitality, and alternative assets. Often, these transactions involve creative financing arrangements, complex ownership structures, and tax-planning strategies, including 1031 exchanges. We also regularly assist clients in structuring sale-leaseback transactions for clients seeking to transfer ownership obligations and handle transfers of ownership of properties involved in corporate merger and acquisition transactions.

Within our extensive real estate practice, Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC attorneys routinely also provide advice on construction-related matters. We have represented owners, architects, engineers, developers and other construction participants (including lenders and investors) in an array of transactions and projects, including: contract preparation, negotiation; project controls and best practices; claims avoidance and management; strategies for achieving sustainability objectives; and regulatory compliance.


The Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC attorneys have substantial experience in negotiating and structuring joint ventures to facilitate real estate investment and development transactions. Our services include representation of institutional and high-net-worth individual investors seeking equity investment opportunities, as well as developers and other borrowers in a volatile market seeking loan restructuring (in and out of court), inter-creditor arrangements, and workouts through multi-party joint ventures, mezzanine, and bridge financing.

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We fight hard for you so that you can focus your hard work where it belongs – on your business. To learn more about this, contact our skilled construction lawyers at Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC (866) 954-7687 to schedule a consultation.

Construction and Real Estate Development FAQs

What is the difference between arbitration and litigation?

At its most basic level of divergence: Litigation is public and Arbitration is private, not unlike the difference between the United States Postal Service and FedEx. Both provide dispute resolution, but the private one allows you to spend more on better (or at least faster) service.

For a complete breakdown of the differences, review our blog: Arbitration vs Litigation

How much should you pay for a real property and proceedings law license (rpapl 881)?

Explore whether they are reasonable or not. If reasonable, employ your experienced attorney to negotiate for favorable terms. If not, employ your attorney to commence a special proceeding and then, while you wait all those months for justice, employ your attorney to continue to negotiate for favorable terms.

For more details, read our complete blog: Paying for a Real Property & Proceedings Law License

We are approaching our second year working with the Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC. Their team of attorneys have you covered from head to toe. Whether you need help in corporate compliance, cryptocurrency, FINRA arbitration or commercial litigation.
Jon-Jorge Aras did a fantastic time navigating an extremely challenging time in my life with my career on the line. He is a passionate lawyer who fought tooth and nail to achieve expungement. I am back in the drivers seat in my career after nearly two years thanks to him and The Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC
Jon-Jorge Aras is an exceptional lawyer. I hired Jon-Jorge to help with a Finra expungement and got it done for me in a fast amount of time. He took the time to understand my case and the impact the defamatory statement had on my career and my life. When I was arguing my case you can feel the passion as if it was personal to him. I highly recommend Jon-Jorge for your legal services.
I have to compliment Chris Warren and the entire team at Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC. They were extremely professional and was very detailed oriented in their work. Specifically, they spent a lot of time focused on my needs and communicated their process every step. I would never hesitate to use them and highly recommend Chris and the firm.
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