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Cross Border Transactions

Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC provides representation on a broad range of international legal issues. The practice advises companies from around the world, ranging from multinational technology ventures, to startups, on the legal needs of U.S. cross-border transactions.

The firm represents foreign investors and companies in matters such as raising capital, registering intellectual property and advising on regulatory compliance issues and investigations. The firm also handles international litigation and arbitrations, compliance-related due diligence, drafting of opinion letters, closing cross-border loans, US export control laws, manufacturing/supplying agreements, Global IP Licensing Rules, and Digital Currency/Banking.

Our international legal team handles international commerce matters and has deal experience and relationships with over 60 countries and jurisdictions, such as:

  • Americas – Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico
  • Africa – Dominican Republic Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Philippines
  • Asia/Oceania – Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand
  • Caribbean & Caricom – Antiqua, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Nevis & St. Kitt
  • European Union – Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden
  • Britannia – Isle of Man, United Kingdom
  • Middle East – Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia

Our team of attorneys have extensive relationships and experience related to private investments in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Isle of Man, Malta, and Nevis, and specialize in corporate structuring, securities regulations, FINRA arbitrations, and the representation of financial professionals.

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Why Choose Us?

Our cross-border attorneys have many years of experience negotiating deals and assisting with international transactions. Warren law Group’s lawyers also have extensive experience in litigating cross-border matters.  While all our international attorneys are trained in the U.S., several of our lawyers have received higher educational degrees including LL.M.s from foreign educational institutions. Our lawyers have the highest qualifications, but more importantly a passion for international law.

Cross Border Transactions FAQs

What are cross-border laws?

There are various types of cross-border laws. These are laws of one jurisdiction or country which affect international transactions. For example, there are cross-border data protection laws which involve the global, safe movement of electronic, personal data. There are many other laws surrounding cross border transactions as this is a complex legal process. Contact the attorneys at Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC for specific questions pertaining to your cross-border transaction.

How do cross-border payments work?

There are several entities that work together to facilitate a cross-border payment. When a purchase is made, a correspondent bank, or more commonly known as the entity requesting the money, coordinates with the responding bank, which represents the entity making the purchase.

Funds will first leave the buyer’s bank and go to that bank’s counterpart in the merchant’s country to prepare for remittance. The merchant’s bank will then receive the remitted funds, and they will be deposited into the merchant’s account.

What is cross-border litigation?

Cross-border litigation is also referred to as a cross-border dispute and can be defined as such. Cross-border litigation is a situation in which litigation is venued in a country other than that in which the defendant or plaintiff lives. It also includes disputes which require court appearances in multiple countries. An example is commercial bankruptcy which may involve corporate subsidiaries which are formed in foreign countries.

What is a cross-border transaction fee?

A cross-border transaction fee is a fee merchants pay when customers use cards from international banks to their business.

What is a cross-border transaction report?

Cross-border transaction reports are used for compiling the balance of payments for the entities involved in the transaction. Reports help these complicated transactions stay organized and efficient.

What are the risks involved in cross-border payments?

There can be various risks involving cross border-payments because you are making a foreign transaction. Risks may include economic sanctions or concerns about national security, technology transfers, corruption, or money laundering.

We are approaching our second year working with the Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC. Their team of attorneys have you covered from head to toe. Whether you need help in corporate compliance, cryptocurrency, FINRA arbitration or commercial litigation.
Jon-Jorge Aras did a fantastic time navigating an extremely challenging time in my life with my career on the line. He is a passionate lawyer who fought tooth and nail to achieve expungement. I am back in the drivers seat in my career after nearly two years thanks to him and The Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC
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I have to compliment Chris Warren and the entire team at Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC. They were extremely professional and was very detailed oriented in their work. Specifically, they spent a lot of time focused on my needs and communicated their process every step. I would never hesitate to use them and highly recommend Chris and the firm.
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