US Lawmakers Say the SEC is Stifling Crypto Innovation

Businessman using tablet online banking, exchange currency and payment.

Several US lawmakers have called for the SEC to implement more progressive policies surrounding the cryptocurrency markets. These Representatives have taken to Twitter to express their frustration with the SEC’s method behind obtaining information from cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

Christopher Warren, Managing Partner at Warren Law Group states, “This call for a more innovative approach to blockchain market regulation, mostly in the form of cryptocurrency and NFT, has been the proverbial perpetual broken record in the space. These same demands coming from US Representatives for a more forward-thinking process will hopefully push Mr. Gensler and the SEC to make different enforcement and investigation decisions related to private companies ushering in blockchain innovation to the public.”

If you are in the cryptocurrency and NFT space and are currently being “investigated” by the SEC or a government regulator, you should seek experienced counsel to protect you and your business. Contact the attorneys at Warren Law Group at (866) WLGROUP or email to schedule your complimentary consultation.



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