Facebook 3Q Press Release Neglects Market Realities

Facebook has been under public scrutiny for various issues related to its morals and ethics, causing its stock to drop hundreds of billions in market value.

On October 25th, Facebook released its third-quarter press release and specifically mentioned various uncertainties that may contribute to a decline in its revenue, such as new Apple software updates and the pandemic. However, noticeably missing from this report is mention of the nine whistleblowers that have come forward in recent weeks, correlating to its significant market decrease.

Warren Law Group Managing Partner, Christopher Warren, has legal proficiency in shareholder litigation and advocates for his clients to ensure they receive their entitled dividends and profit. He states, “Shareholders have the legal right to hold their directors accountable for actions that negatively affect their investment. Zuckerberg has a fiduciary duty to investors. Minority shareholders can, and should, continue forcing executives of companies they invest in, big and small alike, to be held liable for their neglectful actions.”

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