$500,000 Federal Penalty from the CFTC: Ouch

According to a May 18th press release from the federal Commodity Future Trading Commission:

The CFTC “issued an order filing and settling charges against respondent SummerHaven Investment Management LLC, a Connecticut commodity trading advisor and commodity pool operator, for engaging in wash sales and non-competitive transactions on the InterContinental Exchange and various Chicago Mercantile Exchange exchanges, and for failing to diligently supervise its activities. The order requires SummerHaven to pay a civil monetary penalty of $500,000 and to cease and desist from further violations of the Commodity Exchange Act and CFTC regulations, as charged.”

Christopher D. Warren, managing partner of the Warren Law Group in Manhattan, said, “it makes solid business sense to retain a legal team with the experience to navigate federal securities regulations, and defend against alleged federal violations of those regulations. A $500,000 penalty hurts, no matter what kind of business it is.”

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