Wyoming Statutory Trusts

A Wyoming Statutory Trust is a trust created with the Wyoming Secretary of State for investment companies and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Wyoming Statutory Trusts are monitored and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission like other financial vehicles, but they are much more specific than ordinary investments and securities.

The benefits of a Wyoming Statutory Trust include state income tax advantages, robust asset protection measures through “self-settled trusts,” greater flexibility in trust management, a long duration of up to 1000 years, and strong privacy protections.

A trustee of a Wyoming Statutory Trust can be a private Wyoming LLC, making it different from regular trusts. You must seek out the service of a registered agent in Wyoming if you’re interested in this type of financial vehicle. The attorneys at Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC can help both determine if a Wyoming Statutory Trust is right for you and connect you with a registered agent.