Restrictive Covenants, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

The rate of change in business has never been faster. And it’s only going to increase. We are about to see yet another boom in technology that will affect how we do business, live our lives, and write our laws. Companies at the forefront of their industries in today’s world have to deal with changing trade secret laws as well as restrictive covenant issues and unfair competition challenges. By retaining Warren Law, you are giving yourself an advantage in these fields; helping to protect your confidential information and mitigating as much risk as possible in terms of unfair competition suits. And if the time comes, you are giving yourself the peace of mind a strong defense team provides. Our attorneys help your business with trade secret audits and protection, the creation of programs to educate employees on proper trade secret protection, acquisition due diligence, analyzing the enforceability of restrictive covenant and confidentiality agreements, and constant counsel on the changing legal landscape.