Other Business Disputes

Whether your business operates here in New York, or across borders, in established or emerging markets, friction is bound to come with the territory. A talented legal team can help you avoid many legal disputes by proactively assessing risks and anticipating issues before they arise.

But not all conflicts can be avoided, whether they’re conflicts with another business, a lawsuit filed by shareholders, or an action by a government agency. You may run into legal disputes over real estate, the terms of your lease, or a construction contract. You may have to defend or assert your rights in a defamation or intellectual property case. You may face privacy or data breachesenvironmental lawsuits, or insurance coverage disputes.

Whatever the case, an experienced commercial litigation lawyer can provide creative solutions tailored to your unique situation. That may involve going to trial. But it may also involve alternative resolutions through arbitration or mediation.

At Warren Law, corporate and commercial law is our focus. Our attorneys provide the support you need to get through commercial disputes with your best interests in mind. We handle procedures like discovery and investigation with cost-efficiency in mind. We know how high the stakes can get in commercial litigation cases, which is why we use every tool at our disposal to fight for you – whether that’s through negotiation or going to court.

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