Corporate Law and Financial Transactions

In today’s multifaceted business environment, corporations of all sizes can benefit from having retained corporate counsel. Outside corporate counsel, like a General Counsel, advise business owners on daily matters, help to strategize as the venture expands, ensure that the business stays compliant with federal and state law in its activities, jump in to handle crises, and keep your business on the right track.

Businesses can avoid excess litigation if they retain competent corporate counsel to mitigate risk. Having corporate counsel advise you in a transaction decreases the likelihood of needing to litigate that contract. It also puts you in a strong position if a dispute does go to court. Corporate clients call upon experienced corporate attorneys to answer legal questions surrounding businesses in a wide range of areas should unforeseen legal circumstances arise.

While large enterprises often have in-house legal teams, other businesses also need legal expertise but often don’t have the budget or workflow to justify that expense. Warren Law Group is here to help. Our experienced attorneys work with businesses of vastly different shapes and sizes in a multitude of industries, including but not limited to, service, software, technology, renewable energy, minerals, and social media on matters ranging from corporate governance, acquisitions, IP management, employment, mergers and acquisitions, insurance, domestic and international transactions, and so much more.