Corporate Governance

To succeed, every company (publicly traded or privately owned) must balance the vision their owners, investors, and directors have with the challenges presented by laws and regulations. Our attorneys are dedicated to devising innovative structures and creative solutions that bring a principal’s desires to life while creating value, mitigating risk, and adhering to regulations.

Similarly, venture capital and private equity firms and newly acquired businesses sometimes need to optimize their corporate structure for various purposes such as the renegotiation of unfavorable contracts or shifting away from underperforming assets, debt, or credit terms. We work with our private equity clients on compensation, succession, and rollup matters to maximize the return they obtain from the money they have spent – for a tangible effect on their bottom line.

When you work with Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC, our attorneys also help your company with reporting and disclosure requirements under federal and state securities laws, compliance with self-regulatory organizational requirements, and the development of compliance program guardrails to ensure that your venture thrives while adhering to its regulatory obligations.