Business and Partnership Fraud

Business fraud can cut as deep as a personal betrayal. Finding out that a business partner or corporate manager has been engaging in fraud can be devastating for you and your company.

Fraud can cause serious issues resulting in the dissolution of a business or a regulatory action. Cases of fraud often involve intentional or negligent misrepresentations of facts by one partner to another who relies and acts upon that information – usually to their detriment.

Examples of business and partnership fraud include:

  • Inducing someone to enter a contract on false pretenses
  • Misappropriating funds or property
  • Manipulating an entity’s accounting records

Some violations could even result in criminal liability for the partner who committed the fraud.

An experienced business attorney can cut through the complexity and ambiguity in fraud cases to the reality underneath. A seasoned lawyer can help you establish that you were an innocent partner who had no knowledge of or involvement in the fraud.

When you talk with our attorneys at Warren Law, we’ll review your case, determine the most important facts, collect all the necessary documentation and evidence to prove your points, and resolve any ambiguities that remain. Presenting your case before a judge, mediator, or arbitrator in this way increases your chances of an advantageous result.