Asset Protection Planning

If you’re searching for a trusted New York asset protection attorney, look no further. At Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC, our team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to safeguarding your hard-earned assets. With our in-depth knowledge of New York laws and regulations, we specialize in designing comprehensive asset protection plans tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require assistance with domestic or offshore asset structuring, trusts, or other legal conveyances, we are here to provide you with expert guidance and a high level of privacy and creditor protection.


Asset protection planning involves the strategic design and implementation of numerous legal techniques, devices, and tools. These include, but are not limited to, the structuring of domestic and offshore companies, trusts, and other legal conveyances. We utilize these structures for the titling, ownership, and control of one’s assets to achieve a high degree of privacy, anonymity, and creditor protection of an estate.

A well-designed asset protection plan can act as a deterrent to litigation, provide substantial leverage in settlement negotiations of claims, and sometimes remove assets outside creditors’ reach. One of the primary objectives of asset protection is to own little (or nothing) yet control much (or everything). Moreover, planning for maximum anonymity and privacy can be a very effective asset protection tool.

Often, international companies and offshore trusts may be utilized to require a creditor to pursue his claim in the foreign jurisdiction’s courts to seize or attach the debtor’s assets which serves as an effective deterrent to litigation and or considerably enhances settlement leverage. For persons in professions or industries with a high risk of being sued, having a well-designed asset protection plan is critical to protecting your hard-earned assets and your progeny’s financial future.

The attorneys at SH-Law have the knowledge and experience to assist you in designing and implementing a well-designed asset protection plan to shield and protect you and your family’s hard-earned assets from aggressive creditors and claimants.


For high-net-worth U.S. citizens, federal and state estate or inheritance taxes may, unfortunately, wipe out more than half of your assets and wealth earned over a lifetime that should be left for your family and loved ones after your gone. A simple will and trust, along with the standard exemptions and credits under the current estate tax regime, may be substantially insufficient to protect the lifetime assets of the high-net-worth person or family.

In these situations, complex estate planning techniques and tools, i.e., irrevocable dynasty/spendthrift trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, family limited partnerships/LLCs, charitable remainder trusts, and other complex devices are necessary to attain the maximum tax benefits under the current federal and state estate tax regimes, so more of your assets reach your family and loved ones instead of the IRS.

Furthermore, a complex estate plan will significantly facilitate the efficient distribution and allocation of your property to your family and loved ones in accordance with your wishes and affections. Experienced counsel with knowledge of estate planning strategies is required to craft a bespoke strategic estate plan that utilizes these complex estate planning tools and devices custom-tailored to your specific wishes, affections, family, and financial situation. The attorneys at the Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC have the knowledge and experience to provide customized estate planning solutions for our high-net-worth clients.