US Deputy Attorney General Addresses Stricter Regulatory Enforcement Compliances

US Deputy Attorney General, Lisa Monaco is enforcing compliance regulations as a means to confront corporate and white-collar crime. Due to the previous administration’s stance on compliance regulations, Monaco’s stance is deemed significant and worth noting to clients. 

Monaco’s key takeaways from her speech included

  • Companies need to actively review their compliance programs to ensure they adequately monitor for and remediate misconduct — or else it’s going to cost them down the line.
  • For clients facing investigations, as of today, the department will review their whole criminal, civil and regulatory record — not just a sliver of that record.
  • For clients cooperating with the government, they need to identify all individuals involved in the misconduct — not just those substantially involved — and produce all non-privileged information about those individuals’ involvement.
  • For clients negotiating resolutions, there is no default presumption against corporate monitors. That decision about a monitor will be made by the facts and circumstances of each case.
  • Looking to the future, this is a start — and not the end — of this administration’s actions to better combat corporate crimes

Partner at Warren Law Group, Jon-Jorge Aras practices as a white-collar criminal defense and securities regulatory attorney before the SEC and DOJ respectively. He states regarding the matter, “Increased regulatory compliance enforcements demonstrates how regulatory matters are not just being pursued civilly but can bear serious criminal liability,” states Partner at Warren Law Group, Jon-Jorge Aras. 

If you do not have an effective compliance team in place or you have any questions regarding compliance regulations it is crucial to seek out proper counsel. 

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