Construction Litigation

Real estate development in New York City and State takes place within a complex framework of common law rights and federal, state, and local statutory regimes. As your attorney, Warren Law Group will provide its experience, acumen, and resources to help you navigate the process and enforce your rights.

The most efficient way to resolve construction disputes is to take measures to avoid them in the first place. Contract disputes between owners and contractors may be avoided with diligent construction contract review and construction contract negotiation, taking into account such common sources of contention as provisions for the timing of payments, delay claims, insurance claims, home improvement regulations, mediation or arbitration requirements and procedures for contract default and termination. Similarly, Subcontractor disputes may be avoided with diligent subcontract negotiation, taking into account such common sources of contention as the provisions of change orders, timing of payments, labor law regulations, substantial completion and final completion, and the resolution and/or discharge of mechanic’s liens. The attorneys at Warren Law Group have experience representing clients in a preventative manner, including, but not limited to:

  • Negotiation of Contracts, for both Owners and Contractors
  • Negotiation of Home Improvement Contracts
  • Project Abandonment or Termination During a Project
  • Delay and Acceleration During a Project
  • Mediation and Expedited Arbitration
  • RPAPL 881 License Agreements for Access to Adjoining Properties


Disputes may arise during a construction project and the attorneys at Warren Law Group are well met to advocate for clients in litigation and/or arbitration while keeping an eye on not only the goals of the client but the resources available to achieve them. The attorneys at Warren Law Group have experience advocating for clients in federal and state courts, tribunals before administrative agencies, and arbitrations on a multitude of matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Foreclosure of Mechanic’s Liens
  • Contract Balance and Change Order Claims
  • Lien Law Trust Fund Diversion Claims
  • Judgment Enforcement
  • Property Damage Claims
  • Breach of Contract or Warranty Claims


We fight hard for you so that you can focus your hard work where it belongs – on your business. To learn more about this, contact our skilled construction lawyers at Warren Law Group (866) 954-7687 to schedule a consultation.