Kennia Zepeda Tobar, Operations Administrator

Kennia Zepeda Tobar

Executive Director

Kennia Zepeda Tobar is Warren Law Group’s Executive Director.

She oversees a variety of administrative responsibilities for the firm and helps develop operations systems to enhance the firm’s overall efficiency and growth.

In her former role, Kennia was the executive assistant to the president and CEO of an international private equity firm. During that time, the versatility of her role provided Kennia with excellent insight into the development and implementation of streamlined operating systems, and the management practices that drive company growth. She contributed to their expansion by managing the opening of their branch office in Manhattan, and developing their internal operations systems for human resources, IT, recruitment, and financial transactions. Kennia also served as a liaison between their board of directors and the senior management teams of acquired companies.

Kennia holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science from Stony Brook University’s School of Health, Technology, and Management. Her early interest in healthcare administration, coupled with early experiences at university health care facilities and a private health insurance brokerage led to her discovering her passion for business operations.

BS, Health Science, Stony Brook University’s School of Health, Technology, and Management

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