Warren Law Group Forms Strategic Partnership with Oz Living

Warren Law Group is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Oz Living. Oz provides individuals and projects the opportunity to operate virtually or physically in tax-free, privacy-protected DeFi-driven zones throughout the world. Oz is a tokenized proof of residency system in special economic zones (SEZ), and Oz’s token is currently authorized to establish tax residency in the Freeport Area of Bataan.

Todd Kulkin, Partner at Warren Law Group, is spearheading this project and serving as Oz’s U.S. legal counsel. Todd assists in designing and implementing an onramp for American citizens and US residents to participate in Oz Living. Oz and Warren Law Group are collaborating to put together a protocol to make it easier for seller countries (such as the Philippines and Thailand) to receive investments from buyer countries.

“Working with Oz Living is a great puzzle,” says Mr. Kulkin. “They have integrated tech, government, and finance in a way that does not fit neatly in any established tools for offshore business activities and tax residency. Working with Oz allows Warren Law Group to leverage every available tool and legal specialization at our disposal in the financial services and blockchain space, such as anti-money-laundering, money services businesses, DAOs, statutory trusts, blockchain regulation, and international commerce, among others. It is an exhilarating and gratifying experience to collaborate with a client as innovative and unique as Oz.”

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Christopher D. Warren

Christopher D. Warren, Managing Partner