SEC Charges Company and its Founders for Cryptomining and Trading Scheme

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently announced fraud charges against MCC International Corp. and its founders in connection with the unregistered offerings and fraudulent sales of investment plans to thousands of investors. 

The defendants allegedly generated $8.1 million from the sale of these investment plans and $3.2 million in initiation fees. The SEC complaint alleges that MCC earned profit from its operations involving cryptocurrency mining, trading stocks and foreign exchange, and trading cryptocurrency on digital asset trading platforms. 

Jon-Jorge Aras, Partner and Chair of Securities Litigation, states, “The SEC continues to focus on unregistered offerings as a focal point of its enforcement actions. Raising money for a new company can certainly be an exciting prospect, but running afoul securities laws has serious consequences.”

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Jon-Jorge Aras

Jon-Jorge Aras, Partner, Chair of Securities Litigation